CZM Side Revolving Door

The electric side revolving door is in two bearing forms,one is upper-bearing and lower-guiding and the other is lower—bearing and upper-guiding The side revolving door mainly includes the upper and lower guide rails,upper and lower guide wheels,door leafs,hinge,surrounding seal strip,door-opening drive mechanism,electric control system and so on,among which the door leaf has the outline frame manufactured by aluminum alloy sections or special profiled bar,the door panel is polyurethane foaming door panel,the electronic control is integrate circuit control,and the door leafs are connected with each other through the hinge The lower part of the door leaf is provided with lower guide wheel which rolls in the lower guide rail.When the door-opening drive mechanism works,it will drive the door body to revolve along the 90°direction,so as to realize the opening of door leaf,and the door leaf will be closed when in reverse direction When the door body arrives at its appointed place it will be limited by the travel limit switch The electric side revolving door is mainly applicable to warplane,helicopter,etc.

Main Technical Paramenters

Applicable door opening Maximum width:27000   Maximum height:8100
Reserved size for upper edge of opening ≥300
Reserved size for each lateral side for opening ≥1000
Depth size of opening Wide opening/2+1500
Working voltage/frequency 380V/50HZ
Motor power 550W
Thickness of door panel 50mm
Coefficient K≤0.8W.m².K
Sound insulation property 23db
Applicable temperature -40°C~50°C
Resistance to wind pressure 450N/m²

Side revolving door details Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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CZM side revolving door-ideal choice for werplane hangar door and helicapter hangar door