Hangar Door

Such door is in a lower-bearing and upper-guiding structure. The door will overlap on two sides of the door opening after opening. It is mainly applicable to hangar and large-scale workshop.
For the door leaf, profiled bar is used as frame. For the panel, profeiling colorful plate produced by BaoSteel, fluoride-free environmental polyurethane foaming panel and polycarbonate sunshine panel can be selected by the users. For the door-opening machine, electromechanical integration device andPLCfrequency conversion control are used. For the travel limit, photoelctric induction non-contact limit is adopted. The caution of sound-light alarm is found in the process of opening the door. Infrared detection stops in the event of an obstruction. It can be switched to manual opening state in the event of power failure.

Main Technical Paramenters

Applicable door opening Maximum width:100000   Maximum height:22000
Reserved size for upper edge of opening ≥1000
Reserved size for lateral side of opening ≥The width of the door leaf+500
Working voltage/frequency 380V/50HZ
Motor power n×1.5-3W(n represents the number of active door leafs)
Operating speed ~0.17m/s
Thickness of door panel 200-530
Applicable temperature -40°C~50°C
Resistance to wind pressure 650N/m²

Hangar door details Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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