Industrial Electric Fans

Working Principle

--By agitating the air to the ground and forming the airflow layer moving horizontally in some height, XF industrial electric fans can contribute the air circulation inside the building.

--The Heat air, Peculiar smell, Dust etc will be took out from the working space as the airflow is circulated three-dimensionally.

--Advantage: Clean air, improving the working environment & the worker’s health and efficiency

Technical Parameters Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Models XF-F7 XF-F6 XF-F5 XF-F4 XF-F3
Fan diameter(m)ft 7.3(24’) 6.1(20) 5.5 (18) 4.9 (16) 3.7 (12)
Fan weight(kg) 112 105 100 95 85
Max speed(rpm) 53 53 64 64 75
Noise(dBA) 45 45 45 45 45
Full load current(A)380V 3.23 2.52 2.32 1.97 1.89
Power(kW)hp 1.5/2.0 1.5/2.0 1.5/2.0 1.5/2.0 1.5/2.0
Max wind load(m3/min) 13200 11200 9200 7600 5800

Germany Motor Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

--Germany NORD brand Helical Gear Motors

--High efficiency for low operating costs

--Compact design means low space requirements

--Robust grey cast iron housing

--High axial and radial load capacities enable reliable operation

--Quiet running

Danfoss Control Unit Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

--high quality Danfoss Control Unit: more stable, longer lifespan

--Frequency conversion: saving more Electricity Cost

--Safety & Protection: over-load, over-current, cutting off the power automatically in emergency situation

--More suitable for various power requirements by using power stabilizer

Fan Blades Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

--High performance Airfoil spiral blades Design by using imported Aluminum

--With TWO reinforced design inside of the fan blades

--NO-maintenance, by adopting the shiny oxidation processing & Fluorocarbon painting

Fan Tail Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

--Application: to be used at the end of fan blade

--Avoiding the Vortex in the end of fan blades when fan circling

--To reduce the air resistance and energy consumption

CNC Fan Hub Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

--CNC technical processing for Fan Hub: More stability with longer lifespan

--anti-rust stainless external Cover

--anti-rust Galvanized housing: longer lifespan & much stronger

Safety Protection Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

● Safety Ring: to avoid any components fall if fan is broken

● Anti-falling loop-shaped device: to connect all the fan blades with the fan hub tightly.

● 12.9 level fasteners: all using high-strength industrial bolts

● Stainless wire protection: the strength intensity of EACH stainless wire is up to 1000KGS.

● The fan will alarm & stopped working automatically in emergency situation, which is controlled by Danfoss Control Unit.

Installation method Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

1.Construction structure: H Steel, Steel & concrete structure etc.

2.Building height: Min: 4.5m, Max: 15M.

3.The minimum distance / height from fan blades to the Ceiling:

--Standard installation: 1.20m,

--Side-installation in H steel structure:0.60m.

4.The MIN distance from fan blades to the objects (like Lamps, Bridge Crane): 0.30m

5.Input power: 220VAC/ 380VAC

Why choose XUFENG industrial electric fans? Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

● Saving electricity cost

--1 KW/H power consumption for ONE fan.

--Application space: 500-1000m2, with outstanding advantage for saving electricity cost by comparing with traditional fans or Air conditioners.

● High Air-convection efficiency

--High quality Aluminum streamline fan blade by adopting advanced manufacturing technique in accordance with aerodynamics.

--1.5 KW power can agitate 13,200 m3 breeze draughts to lower the air temperature.

● Comprehensive solution

--Optional fan diameter from 3.7m to 7.3m (Air-convection space: 500-1000m2)

-- Multi-applications: factories, Steel-structure buildings, Machining workshop, Warehouses, 4S Shop, Parking, and Tennis court etc.