KJM High Speed Door

High speed door is designed for partition, rapid opening and closing between sections raising different environment requirementsto play the role of isolating ventilation and guaranteeing rapid passing. it is automatic rapid rolling door made by soft curtain and set at the gate of inside and outside the buildings. rapid rolling door with soft curtain shows much effect on creating safe, sanitary and energy-saving working environment as the rapid opening and closing of the door facilitates to reduce the open duration of the gate, the air convection and the heat exchange among different sections. so it is widely applicable to automobile manufacturing, medicine, electronics, plant cleaning, workshop purification, rolling cigarette, printing, textile, supermarket, machinery manufacturing, etc, which require passing door opening available for rapid opening or closing.

Main Technical Paramenters

Applicable door opening Maximum width:8000   Maximum:8000
Service life ≥500,000times
Resistance to wind pressure 160N/m²
Thickness of door curtain 0.8mm
Opening and closing speed 0.6-1.2m/s
Opening and closing frequency 60times/h
Working voltage/frequency 380V、220V/50HZ
Motor power 0.275KW-1.6KW

Materials and property of door curtain Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Number Project Indicators
1 Thickness(mm) 0.8
2 Quality(g/m²) 830-900
3 Tensile strength(N/300mm) 2100-2500
4 Elongation(%) <25
5 Tear strength N ≥280
6 Heat resistance(°C) 70
7 Cold tolerance(°C) 380V、220V/50HZ
8 Resistance to water pressure(mm H2O) >2×10⁵
9 Abrasion resistance 4.9N×100
10 Mixing tolerance 9。8N×1000
11 Flame resistance From 5s automatic fire extinguishing

Structure and characteristics Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

1.Rail, lower beam and windproof strip are manufactured with high-quality aluminum alloy profiles with beautiful shape.
2.Use servo control and encoder limit. The door body operates stably. The swich speed of closing and opening is fast, to be specific, less than 0.3S, and generally no noise of motor braking occurs. Upon operations of hundreds of thousands of times, the limit error is less than 2 mm.
3.Be equipped with wireless safety air bag and infrared protection system. Return quickly to fully open state in the event of people or objects when the door body is moving down. Have good safety performance.
4.Anti-collision derailing protection.
5.Geomagnetic loop or pull a rope for opening is an option in terms of the users' requirements.

Spare parts Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  • Aluminum alloy guide rail
  • Aluminum alloy windproof strip
  • Color of curtain  Multiple options
  • Servo motor  Operating stably
  • Servo control box