Metal Rapid Rolling Door

Metal Rapid Rolling Door,as a new type metal industrial door,has insulation,energy-saving,sealed,highly efficient.wind resistance.and environmental features all well combined in it Due to its maximum opening speed 0f 2.5 m per second it can be applied to logistics channels requiring high speed and frequency The door panel adopts double-layer tensile aluminum plates of 0.7mm thick and is one-step modeled by the assembly line.The middle section is foam filled by polyurethane,with a capacity equal to or greater than 50 kg per cubic space (excluding CFC),and the total thickness of the door plate is 43mm The cross section design adopts heat insulating structure and has the advantages of heat insulation,light in weight,high strength,and impact resistance and so on.The classification of wind resistance is equal to or greater than force12 wind The application of this door will save the company a great quantity of production energy consumption caused by air circulation. Our product is very reliable,practical,easy-operating and quick-fixing.The drive system has adopted stable energy-saving and accurate servo-system to ensure reliable operations.

Standard Configuration

Emergency starting device while power off
Infrared safety protection system
Operating button box
Contact belt triggering-type safety bottom
Servo motor
Professional control system

Metal Rapid Rolling Door Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Motor System

Motor drive system adopts industrial door servo system:rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor; Taiwanese encoder; British brake system; high inertia planetary reducer; Emergency manual switch on/off institutions.

Hoisting Ways

The aluminum-alloy turbine guiding bearing rall of this door is of patent technology of Xufeng Copmpany to ensure the high-speed operating in the process of opening and closing of door curtain, the rotaing friction between the curtain and the rail can ensure the effective control of noises. According to the site installation condition, the mechanism can be divided into turbine inhalation type, ellipse inhalation type, vertical lifting type, 90°standard turning lifting type or more rail modes, the standard one is of turbine inhalation type, other lifting modes are required to be appointed in advance by the sellers of company.

Main Technical Paramenters

Open-Closed Speed

Opening speed of 1.2M/S~2.5M/S, adjustable; Closing speed is 0.6M/S, adjustable.

Door Structure

The door curtain is of split assembly structure: composed of such parts as aluminum alloy door panel for broken bridge heat insulation, multilayer sealing rubber strip, hinge for muffling and load bearing and polyurethane guide wheel.
The standard thickness of aluminum alloy thermal insulation door panel is of 43mm. The surface is subject to anodic oxidation+organic staining treatment and the strength for wind resistance may reach grade 12. The interior is filled with polyurethane industrial thermal insulating meterials. The standard color is Pasteur grey and selective colors includs 4 kinds; original color of aluminum alloy, pearl white and Chinese red.

Main Technical Paramenters

Safety System

Electric eye protected by infrared ray safely:there are correlation electric eyes on both sides of door frame.When there are the barriers below the fast door, the door remains the opening status; when the door drops, there are the objects to pass through it, the door can be opened up to the opening location. When there are not the barriers underneath, drop it in delay. The externally-connected infrared ray device can be employed to control the rapid rebounding. The modification of parameters can be employed to simply set the rebounding speed, the parameters can also be modified to decide the functional definition of infrared device, for example, encountering with the infrared ray, whether the single functional rebounding or the long-term non-rebounding of door functions canbe decided by modifying the parameters.

Anti-wind Capability

32m/s(Grade 12 for national standard anti-wind grade)

Transparent Windows

High-quality polycarbonate sheet, the design with double-layer structure not only ensures the heat preservation effect for internal and external door but also remains the good transparence and lighting effect, the inner and outer are distinct and visible, the appearance shows the level.

Insulation Performance

For the door that has been installed and is in closing status(4*3m), with K≤l 5W/(m²·K) for heat preservation.

Requirement Of Power Supply