Roller Shutter Window

Sunshade, thermal insulation, energy saving
The environmentally friendly and heat insulation material filled in the middle of each section bar of roller shutter can effectively maintain the indoor temperature and save substantial energy. After the Physics Institute of Chinese Architecture Academy's testing and computing, the energy it saves is about:35%-45%.
Sound insulation noise reduction
Roller shutter type adopts high quality aluminum alloy, and roll-formed by Europe's most advanced equipment. With environmentally friendly foam material filled in the middle place, it has good noise reduction effect.
Noise performance:
Noise level GB/T16730; Rw=20dB
High strength profiles have some security role, can be installed anti-up pushing device, not easy to be lifted from outside.

Aluminum insulation slat First-class equipment manufacture international first-class product

Xufeng has 3kinds of width shutter slat as 37mm, 42mm, 55mm. Made by automatic line from Italy, output the high quality slat. The PU foam met EU standard.

Structure diagram Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Drive style Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Hand   Belt   Method

Hand Belt Method, Manually, stretch the belt to drive the pipe and achieve the rise-fall of roller shutters, which is the most commonly used method.

Crank-rocker Method

Manual-drive method, rotate the crank, with the gearbox, to drive the pipe and achieve the rise-fall of roller shutters. The rise-fall speed of system is relatively slow.

Motor-driven Method

Electric methods, use tubular motor to drive, achieve rise-fall of roller shutter by light-pull movement, a variety of intelligent control methods to choose.

Installation Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Installation way includes: interior installation, middle installation, exterior Installation and concealed Installation etc. Can select the best Installation way according to building's feature.

Exterior/Interior Installation

Easy installation, wide range of uses

Can be installed in any time, does not affect other project construction


The cover box is made from high quality aluminum color plate

Four models optional

① 90 degree Angle
② 45 degree Angle
③ Semi-round model
④ Quarter round model

High-quality durable


Product famous

The key parts are produced in Europe

Concealed Installation

Separated installation with windows, influence each other small;
Outside can cover board, aluminum plates, and other materials;
According to wall thickness adjust the size of cover and thickness of the cover plates, to adapt to the needs of different design;
Keep manhole at bottom, convenient installation and maintenance; Shutter product is hidden in a box, beneficial to the product protection;

High quality durable

90%parts are made from aluminum anticorrosion life is more than 50 years

Product famous

The key parts are produced in Europe

Middle Installation

· Shutter and window are jointed together with special equipment, high precision machined to ensure shutter's quality to the largest extent.
· Can be industrial produced with high efficiency, be suitable for large acreage projects.
· On-site installation is simple and time-saving.
· High precision of on-site installation, substantially increase the quality of final products
· Shutter products are hidden inside the box, being well-protected.
· Indoor installation makes maintenance convenient, be suitable for high-building use.

Automatic continuous line Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.