SDM Upper Folding Door With Soft Curtain

The upper folding door with soft cu rtain mainly includes the post,rail,upper and lower beams,curtain fixing frame,curtain,rope pulley,lift mechanism,safety mechanism,and control mechanism and so on,among which the beams and the curtain fixing frame are manufactured by the high-quality profiled bar,and the curtain shall be the high-strength PVC curtain When the lift mechanism works,the wire rope on the lift mechanism will drive the lower beam to move upwards,so as to overlap the curtain fixing frame and the curtain on the lower beam When the door is opened to the appointed place it will be limited by the upper travel limit switch When the lift mechanism moves reversely,the lower beam moves downwards,so as to realize the closing of the door body When the door is closed to the appointed place it will be limited by the travel Iimit switch arranged on the rope pulley When the door moves,if the wire rope breaks,the safety mechanism will work to prevent the falling of door body PLC frequency conversion control is adopted for control The door will start and stop slowly during the moving process.The upper folding door with soft curtain is mainly applicable to such occasions as shipyard, large scale workshop and hangar.

Main Technical Paramenters

Applicable door opening Maximum door opening width B=42,000(special design is available for super-wide door opening)
Maximum door opening height A=17,000(special design is available for super-high door opening)
Motor power 3.2KW-13KW
Thickness of door panel 450-800mm
Operaing speed ~0.15m/s
Applicable temperature -40°C~50°C
Resistance to wind pressure 650N/m²
Grade of protection for control box IP54
Grade of protection forexternal buttons IP64

SDM Upper Folding Door With Soft Curtain Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  • Travel limit switch of upper folding door
  • PLC frequency conversion control box of upper folding door
  • Self-locking protective mechanism Patent No.ZL201220168051.1