TM1 Industrial Sliding Door

Industrial sliding door for workshop is one kind of door whose door leaf is moved towards one side or two sides of the door opening to realize the opening of door leaf.It is applicable to such occasions as workshop,warehouse and logistics center.Such door has two bearing manners,namely,upper bearing type and lower bearing type,and two opening methods,namely,one-way opening and double-way opening.The outline border for door leaf has three kinds of materials,including profiled bar,aluminum alloy and stainless steel.As for door leaf,there are two kinds of door panels including polystyrene sandwich panel and polyurethane sandwich panel to be selected by the usem.The door-opening drive mechanism adopts the door-opening machine manufactured by using electromechanical integration technology, and is provided with manual-electric switching clutch which is convenient to open and close the door leaf during power failure.EPDM rubber strip is used for sealing the surrounding place of the door opening,with a good sealing performance.

Main Technical Paramenters

Applicable door opening Maximum width:30000   Maximum height:12000
Reserved size for upper edge of opening ≥470
Motor power n×0.68KW
Thickness of door panel 40-100mm
Operating speed ~1.15m/s
Applicable temperature -40°C~50°C
Resistance to wind pressure 650N/m²

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16*18m bidirectional overlapping sliding door and 8*12m bidirectional sliding door of Shanghai Longjies