Windproof Rolling Shutter

Windproof rolling shutter is made up mainly by wind shutter curtain,windproof wheel,windproof rail, door-opening drive mechanism and other components compared with ordinary shutter curtain, such shutter curtain,whose inner layer is made by polyurethane foam sheet,has the advantages of heat preservation, heat insulation. Sound,etc. 0n both ends of the shutter curtain installs windproof wheels The windproof wheels operates in the windproof rail in the process of opening or closing;it holds on to the shutter curtain to prevent the shutter curtain from derailing and play a role of resistance to Wind in the event of wind load. Such door is widely applicable to workshops and warehouses of all types, and so forth.

Main Technical Paramenters

Applicable door opening Maximum width:12000   Maximum height:8000"
Reserved size for upper edge of opening 500-1000
Reserved size for each lateral side of opening ≥300
Working voltage/frequency 380V/50HZ
Motor power 550W-1100
Operating speed/td> ~1.7m/s
Width of Shutter Curtain 100mm 77mm
Applicable temperature -40°C~50°C
Resistance to wind pressure 650N/m²

Windproof Wuxi XuFeng Door Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  • Windproof rilling shutter Patent No.:zL201220167671.3 In the event of wind load, rhe windproof wheel holds on to the windproor rail to prevent the shutter curtain from derailing and play a role of resistance to wind.
  • Windproof rail Aluminum alloy or profiled bar material is an option in terms of the users' demand.
  • Rolling support(automatic adjustment mechanism of rolling door)Patent No.:ZL201220168038.6 When opening or closing the rolling door, the rolling support makes automatic adjustment of the relative positions of the door body and the rail, hence reducing the resistance and extending the service life of the door.